Friday, February 17, 2017

Help Me Choose My New Font!

One of my goals for this year is to pull my blog's aesthetic out of 2007. I may be meticulous about my makeup, but I'm not a particularly visual person in most other aspects of life. (I remember one of my college friends telling me very seriously that the handmade Latin grammar charts I'd hung on my walls were a real boner killer: "No guy is going to want to come over here.") My carelessness about the charm of my surroundings extends to graphic design. I'm used to typing my academic work in Times New Roman, so I set my blog font to Times New Roman three years ago. Recently, though, I've begun suspecting that I can do better. But I don't entirely trust my instincts, which is where you come in. I've spent the past nevermindhowlong experimenting with the fonts provided by Blogger; let me know which of these you find most readable and visually pleasing, and which you find simply unconscionable.

First, my current font, good old TNR:

Droid Sans:




...though why bother with any of these boring fonts when Rock Salt is available?

Yep, I think we have a winner.

Update: The most popular choice both here and on Instagram appears to be Lora, which I was already favoring: serif fonts just feel right to me. Thank you to everyone who offered their input!


  1. Lato or Lora. Definitely not Inconsolata (though I like the name!). Too cold.

  2. Lato or Droid Sans. I'm a sans girl 'til the end. And thank you for reminding me that my own blog font desperately needs an update.

  3. Lora is both pleasant and easy for me to read (on mobile) but Lato would also be nice!

  4. I actually really like TNR! I guess it's because of how familiar it looks. Lora looks pretty nice too!

  5. Lora! Or some other Serif. For some reason, Sans-Serif doesn't feel very much "you", AB. :)

  6. Lora is like a sexed-up Times New Roman. I love it.

    1. That is the best possible description for it! I guess I couldn't stray too far from TNR in the end...

  7. Sans serif always works best for websites :)